New River Gorge National Park has witnessed several bizarre missing persons cases.

The park's rugged terrain and dense forests make it a challenging area to search for missing individuals.

One case involved a hiker who disappeared without a trace near the park's notorious Endless Wall.

Another puzzling case involved a family who vanished during a camping trip, leaving their belongings behind.

Despite extensive search efforts by park rangers and local authorities, no concrete leads or explanations have been found.

Speculations range from potential abductions to supernatural phenomena due to the park's eerie reputation.

Some locals believe that the park is haunted, adding to the mystery surrounding these missing persons cases.

The National Park Service has implemented additional safety measures and warning signs to caution visitors about the potential risks.

Search and rescue teams have undergone specialized training to navigate the park's challenging terrain in search of missing individuals.

The missing persons cases at New River Gorge National Park continue to intrigue both locals and investigators, with no resolution in sight.