Taipei 101 - The iconic skyscraper in Taipei with breathtaking views from the observation deck.

Sun Moon Lake - A serene and picturesque lake surrounded by lush mountains and temples.

Taroko Gorge - A natural wonder with towering cliffs, turquoise waters, and scenic hiking trails.

Jiufen - A charming town known for its narrow alleys, tea houses, and stunning coastal views.

Alishan National Scenic Area - A mountainous region with misty forests, towering trees, and scenic train rides.

Kenting National Park - A tropical paradise with white sandy beaches, coral reefs, and diverse wildlife.

The former capital of Taiwan with a rich history, cultural landmarks, and delicious street food.

Yushan National Park - Home to Taiwan's highest peak and breathtaking alpine scenery.

Beitou Hot Springs - A relaxing getaway with natural hot springs, Japanese-style spas, and scenic hiking trails.

National Palace Museum - A world-renowned museum with an extensive collection of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks.