Caracas, Venezuela: This city has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and tourists are often targeted for theft and kidnapping.

  Acapulco, Mexico: Despite its beautiful beaches, this resort city has become known for drug cartel violence and gang activity.

Cape Town, South Africa: While known for its natural beauty, this city has high rates of robbery, muggings, and carjackings, particularly in tourist areas.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Despite its famous Carnival celebrations, Rio de Janeiro is known for its high levels of violent crime, particularly in the favelas.

Dhaka, Bangladesh: This densely populated city has high rates of both violent and petty crime, and tourists are often targeted.

 Kingston, Jamaica: Drug-related violence and gang activity are common in this city, and tourists are advised to avoid certain neighborhoods.

Bogotá, Colombia: While the city has made strides in reducing crime, street crime and robbery are still common, particularly in tourist areas.

Jakarta, Indonesia: This city has high levels of theft and fraud, and tourists are often targeted by scams and pickpockets.

Guatemala City, Guatemala: High rates of violent crime and gang activity make this city one of the most dangerous in Central America for tourists.

Cairo, Egypt: While Egypt is known for its historical landmarks, Cairo has high rates of crime, including theft and sexual assault, particularly against women.