The bombardier beetle's defense mechanism involves spraying a boiling hot chemical spray from its abdomen to ward off predators.

The hairy frog breaks its own toe bones and uses them as claws to defend itself.

The African crested rat chews poisonous bark and spreads it on its skin, making it lethal to predators.

When threatened, the opossum "plays dead" and releases a foul odor to deter predators.

The sea cucumber can eject its internal organs, which then grow back, to distract predators.

The horned lizard shoots blood from its eyes to temporarily blind predators.

The pangolin curls into a ball and becomes virtually impenetrable to predators.

The Portuguese man o' war has long, venomous tentacles that can paralyze or kill prey or predators.

The spiny flower mantis camouflages itself as a flower and ambushes prey that come too close.

The Siberian jay mimics the warning calls of other bird species to scare off predators.